Macbeth Morse


2005 (v1)



Short waves radio broadcast. Sound installation. 7:55 sec. loop.


datalanguagelinguisticsmeasurements transmission sys wavesdramatic arcinterpretationtranslation dissection


  • Closet Music - Music for imaginary performance, Proud Archivist Gallery, London. 2015
  • SoundGate. Kunsten Museum Of Modern Art, Aalborg, Denmark. 2010
  • Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, Cinema L' Entrepot, Paris, France. 2005
  • Conditions of Sound, Boley Building, Kansas City, MO, USA. 2005


Macbeth Morse

"To the last syllable of recorded time". Lines from Shakespeare’s Macbeth are translated into Morse code and broadcasted on short wave radio.

“With elegant sophistication and underlying drama, Andrea Flamini taps into the world of short-wave radio transmission with a Morse code translation of a passage from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The work is a hybrid, addressing classical technology and prose jettisoned into a suggestive contemporary context of spatial communication, condensed language, distress and romance. Communication, language, distress, poetics and the compression and measurement of time are among the various themes addressed in this work. Didactic sensibilities are balanced with romance, drama, and hints of playful irreverence.” [McGuire]

Language as data. The piece investigates Language as a system of dissection and interpretation. A Language of translation, of memory, of recording, sharing, cataloging, deconstructing, retrieving, alerting. A system based on the largest and smallest units of language. The work turns Language into a hybrid form of communication—going from one of its richest creation to the most elemental transmission.